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ASAOS - Accent on Song

Accent on Song is a series of concerts performed by our Society, usually held around the end of September and start of October.

This year (2022), we will be performing on the following dates and venues

Friday 30th of September - Christ Church Pellon - 7:30pm

Saturday 1st of October - St Michael's Church Mytholmroyd - 7:30pm

Saturday the 8th of October - St Jude's Church - Savile Park - 7:30pm


We play at differing venues to offer concerts to a wide variety of audiences and our musical composers ranges from Mozart to Rachmaninov and styles from Sacred to Secular, Operatic to Modern Shows - something, we hope, for eveyones' tastes!


Several of our non show performing members join us at these concerts and we take pride in being able to showcase our talented singers and provide opportunities for our younger rising stars of our society to perform in an enjoyable and artistic environment.


Please use our drop down list under "Accent on Song" to view some of our previous concert programmes and listen to some of our tracks!



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